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$16 – Your Choice Of Elkmaster, LePro, or Triangle
$30 – Layered Tiger Everest
$35 – Your Choice, layered Tiger Sniper, or Tiger Onyx
$40 – Your Choice, Moori, Kamui, G2, Predator Victory
*other tips by request



Because there are so many tip options, the replacement cost of a ferrule does NOT include the tip,
 a tip must be selected and added to the ferrule
$40 – Ivorine or $60 with new tendon
$80 – Ivory



$15 – quick recon
$25 – dent removal and total recon



$50 – Replace linen wrap
$55 – Replace butt cap
$10 – $15 – Replace bumper
$40 – Retaper shaft


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Teaching Philosophy

Steve Lingelbach

Steve offers a money back guarantee on his lessons. He believes that if it isn’t broke, there is no need to fix it; which translates into minimal lessons covering stroke or fundamentals. Usually by the time a player seeks out lessons, s/he is competent in ball pocketing (although if a person is struggling with pocketing balls, Steve can usually fix that within a short amount of time).

Consequently, most lessons are relatively advanced in nature covering cue ball movement, systems, and strategies.

Carissa Biggs

Carissa started playing pool in 1990 and was immediately hooked! With a background in sales, she started selling ads for On The Wire newspaper in 2000 and opened a pro shop with Steve Lingelbach in 2001.

Carissa took over publishing On The Wire newspaper and co-founded the Pechauer West Coast tour. She specializes in sales, relationship management, and writing sponsorship proposals. She loves the sport and is dedicated to all aspects of its growth. “I derive great joy from sharing my love of the game, both in competing and promoting.”

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